liz janes is a band

vocals, guitar / liz janes
bass / burd phillips
guitar / clinton hughey
drums / dan fahrner

Once upon a time Liz Janes fancied herself one of those punk musicians you’ve heard about that had an identity made of basement shows, avant improv and performance art. This is where her fascination with the collaborative process began: playing loud noise with others.

Her first album, Done Gone Fire, was a maniacal blues outbreak on Asthmatic Kitty records recorded and produced by the label’s flagship artist Sufjan Stevens. This was her very first foray into opening her songs up for others to create with. She later worked with Rafter Roberts on multiple solo albums and Chris Schlarb of Create! to deconstruct the American songbook.

Fast forward to 2013 when Liz had a grand vision: a magical and imaginative musical play full of songs about Things & Stuff that features an assorted cast of palatable characters. What could possibly tie it together better than an equally eclectic band of past collaborators, punk scene stalwarts and a dude that used to perform in makeup?

Only it would become much more than a play. As the band began to “rehearse” it simply couldn’t help but to deconstruct Liz’ tunes into big songs full of gorgeous energy, artful melody and dirty vintage punk sensibility. Never had Liz imagined the creation that would eventually become the holy dirt surf country gem that is Slow City.

In addition to self production by the band’s guitarist Clinton Hughey in his home studio, Liz and crew enlisted the services of seasoned mixing engineer Tyler Watkins to turn the knobs into some kind of art. Upon a few long winter nights at a post-office-turned-high-tech-studio (sans heat), the gang really had something.

Slow City is a celebration of life best felt in the moment. In a society where ‘busy is the new happy’ the ability to focus and be present is ever elusive, yet we as humans are certainly allowed to find joy in the simplistic bliss of date nights, family adventures and exploring a city that is woven into the fibers of your dress.

With a nod to the good ole days of pop music, middle western naivete, and a whisper of the holy ghost, Slow City is waiting to be discovered.